Live Video Design Consultations
Here at ArcDesign, being instrumental in transforming homes for the better is not the only thing that we love. We love people. So although our company was built on in-home consultations, which we still perform, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with home visits and some may have health issues that would make them more susceptible to any outside contaminants. This is why ArcDesign has added a second method for design consultations by way of live video. This way, your home project can be effectively discussed using a live webcam app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, while giving our Design Consultant a tour of the area(s) where the changes will take place. Just like an in-home consultation, both of you will be able to ask questions, exchange feedback, and in most cases, by the end, you'll know a bit about the procedures, costs, and payment structure associated with ourservices, which many include any combination of: as-built measurements, preliminary design work, permit drawings, structural engineering, site plans, and feasibility studies.

Following the video consultation, our Office Manager will provide you with an official Quickbooks proposal, sent directly to your email. It will contain a link so that you can conveniently submit your down payment for services online or if you choose, our Office Manager can complete the deposit with you over the phone. For those envisioning a new home, since there is nothing to show our Design Consultant on camera, phone consultations and email submissions are still a great way to convey your ideas and to get your questions
answered. Whereas the rest of the process will be the same as described above.

So the choice is yours. You are welcome to schedule either an in-home consultation or if
your needs are better suited to a live video consultation, you have that choice too. Either way, ArcDesign will work with you to make your new home a reality or the home you
have, more functional, more spacious, more enjoyable, and/or more aesthetically
pleasing for years to come. And we thank you for the opportunity.

We look forward to serving you real soon!
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