Planning Process
So, it all starts with an idea, right? But then what?
Perhaps by this point, you have brainstormed and compiled every little detail of your new home, or home project, or maybe you've only comprised a seedling of an idea for your design direction. In either case, ArcDesign can take you to the next level toward whatever your end goal may be. Below, you can follow along with how the process takes shape from your design idea all the way through to the city's or county's approval for a permit. If you'd like to know any additional details about a stop along the way, just simply hover over the computer or tap on the touchscreen, the red boxes, to get an explanation.
Alrighty then . . . and awaaay we go!
How It Works
Free Consultation
During your free 1-hour in-home consultation, you are given a chance to share your vision, ask questions, and even ask for suggestions, if you choose. This process is about what YOU want and/or need. So don't hold back on being imaginative.
The Design Consultant will ask you questions and from this discussion, will be able to provide you with a fee for the various steps of planning that will be needed.
Design Department
Once you begin the planning process with ArcDesign, a designer will be assigned to your project. The designer will meet with you and go over your needs and wants. His objective is to understand the scope and concept of your project.
Using computer-aided software, the designer will translate your wishes and requirements and using his or her expertise will design your remodel, addition, or brand-new home.
A first draft will be sent to you for your review and input. With this back and forth between you and the design, the design develops and then blossoms into a finished design. When this occurs, you will know.
Let your designer know you approve the design. And you can now move into the next phase of the process.
Permit Drawing Department
So, you approved the design. Great!
Now, it's off to the Permit Drawing Department to be converted to a set of Permit Drawings.
The Project Manager will coordinate the activities that will get your permit drawings done. He will assign your project to a draftsman, coordinate with an engineering company and ensure your plans go through our Quality Control Division. These step have proven to provide the highest quality plans possible.
During this process, a final review is done by you. Especially regarding your new electrical plan. You will be asked to review the layout of electrical outlets, and light and switch locations. This is where you get to imagine walking through your project, turning on lights, plugging in your phone for recharging, anything you can imagine - making sure it is just right for you.
When you provide this additional data to the Project Manager, he will get it included on the plans.
Once the plans are approved by you, when the structural is approved by an engineer, and the plans have gone through our Quality Control Division, a final invoice will be issued to your. With the final payment, the plans will be sealed by a licensed engineer (if required). Most plans these days are sealed electronically. You will receive a sealed copy of the plans by email. You will also have an unsealed version of the plans in pdf form which
you can use to get a bid from your contractor. Once hired, the contractor will submit the sealed plans, along with other items required by building departments to obtain a permit.
We consult with a licensed engineer regarding structural matters. Our plans are reviewed for any and all structural requirements as laid out in the Florida Building Codes and direction is to our draftsman based on the engineer's calculations. Once he deems the structural aspect of the project is acceptable he dates, signs, and seals the drawings once this is requested.
These may be in the form of printed and hand-sealed plans, or digitally sealed plans. This is determined by the needs of your building department.
Homeowner, the power is now in your hands! Well, sort of. Your next step is go contract with a Residential Building Contractor. You would provide a copy of your plans to the contractor so you can receive a bid. The lowest price is not always the best indicator of a the contractor you should select. Communication is one of the most important factors of a good relationship. Ensure you can easily communicate with the contractor you select. Your project could go on for some time.
We have a list of contractors on our website that we have worked with for years. Feel free to use this as a reference. ArcDesign Contractor List.

Permit Office
Now, for the hardest part of the process

We wait.

Tick tock, tick tock...
Whew! Glad that's done, right? Your patience has paid off and now it's time to pick up your approved plans and get them over to your Contractor. Unless of course, you are skilled and adventurous enough to be your own contractor. It's not a suggested route, but you know if you have the goods or not. Should you be of the third variety and are still in need of a competent and reliable contractor, then please choose from the buttons below to learn more or to select the right contractor for your building needs, based on those we refer. Some only do remodels, some only build new homes, and there are those who are only interested in luxury home construction. So, depending on what's right for your needs, be sure to keep in mind that not all residential contractors do all the same kind of projects. If you have yet to begin your process beyond the thinking-stage, then click on the First Steps: Preparations button below for a step-by-step guide on kicking things off.

In the meantime, we thank you for allowing us to be a part of this special and joyous time. All the best to you on the completion of your new build, remodel, or addition. Remember, ArcDesign is here if you need us again!
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