About Us
Our History
ArcDesign began as a one-man-show and was officially hatched in 2003. Randy Young, our President and Lead Designer was that one man. Designing homes had been a childhood dream, realized many years later. He started drafting in the 7th grade and found he loved the skill it took to effectively communicate the layout of a technical drawing. Six years of drafting education enabled Randy to draw anything he envisioned. Over the years, he amassed both impressive design skills and structural knowledge. Not only designing and planning large projects, but also obtaining materials, managing crews, and getting those projects done.

So fast forward to 2003, when Randy embarked on a mission to start his own business. He planned out his home design company from every angle in a very organized and forward-thinking way and handled the workloads of each division himself, including finance, marketing, and public relations. But as is so often the case, word-of-mouth referrals follow closely behind a job well done. Many homeowners have been elated by the designs he has produced. After all, it was those designs that facilitated the fantastic end results that ArcDesign clients live with today. So naturally, happy clients referred ArcDesign to their friends and neighbors. Area contractors, who appreciated the quality of the plans, also referred new and old clients to Randy for all of their designing and planning needs. This is something that ArcDesign strives for and appreciates from both its clientele and contractors.
Where We Are Now
With all that he's learned and achieved, here in the present day, Randy's ArcDesign has grown into a well-respected, thriving home design business. Employing additional designers and draftsman who turn his designs into permit drawings, along with long-time business relationships with local structural engineers, and an administrative and marketing staff that rounds out the team, ArcDesign is well established and relevant in it's field. Randy and the rest of our design and drafting teams, often re-educate themselves on the ever-changing building codes in order to stay informed and to keep current for the benefit of our clients and the business. It's no surprise that the team at ArcDesign is adamant about doing whatever they can to provide the best service possible. In fact, we can proudly say that we have a fabulously consistent Houzz "Best of Service" a.k.a. "Client Satisfaction" award rating to support that, for the last 9 years running! Notably, Randy has also been recognized as a recommended professional whose knowledge and advice is highly valued within the Houzz Community.

Because of ArcDesign's stellar service and superb products, we've had several repeat clients over the years and many regional contractors have ArcDesign on speed dial as their first point of contact for their on-going design requirements. So whether a person is choosing to be their own contractor, is hiring a contractor, or is a licensed contractor who needs design and/or permit drawings, ArcDesign is still the place that makes home design ideas of the imagination into real-world images of beauty.

ArcDesign's purpose is sincere, yet uncomplicated. We strive to help you envision and design the best spaces required to improve your standard of living, your desire for increased comfort and functionality, and for the pure enjoyment of your home environment. Whether it be a new custom home, a master bedroom suite addition, or a new front porch with a swing . . . your dream is our dream.
How We Can Help You
Building a new home or adding to or changing your existing home, is an exciting time in one's life. Though necessities may be growing and ideas may be flowing, it's vitally important that you go about achieving your home design construction or makeover in the proper fashion. This all begins with a professional home design that is translated into technically rendered permit drawings, which are then, approved by your city or county's Building Department. This is not a step you want to skip because the risk of fines due to improper building and safety specifications and possible breaches of setback requirements is too great. That's why calling on ArcDesign is the wise and trusted choice for getting your plans accomplished according to the most up-to-date building code requirements. Though our designs for home additions and structural remodels are done mostly for homeowners in Pinellas and some parts of Pasco and Hillsborough Counties, if you are looking to design a brand new home ANYWHERE in the state of Florida, we encourage you to give us a call 727.446.8022. From the practical to the luxurious, we specialize in the designing and drafting of single-family homes for the generations. See why we are respected and loved by clients and contractors, alike -OR- if you're ready to get started now, then come on! Jump in!
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