Setbacks And Variances
What exactly is a property setback?
Well, it's no secret that Florida is a mecca for tourism. But did you know that about 900 people a day, actually move to Florida to live? As the second fastest growing state nationwide, behind Texas, Florida remains the 3rd most populous state overall, behind California and Texas. That's over a million people more, than the state of New York. With that said, citizens who were born and raised here, the droves of retirees, snowbirds who finally flew the coop, and all the rest of us, have come to learn that Florida has it's challenges in finding the right combination for comfortable living. The recipe may be different from one region to another and some challenges may be recurring, but despite it all, we sure love our state, dont we? This section of our website is fully dedicated to living wisely and comfortably in the Sunshine State of Florida.
Why Some Have and Some Have Not
Under what conditions would I need a variance?

LEGAL DEFINITION: In zoning law, is an official permit to use property in a manner that departs from the way in which other property in the same locality can be used.

There are two types of variances - Area and Use. Area variance usually refers to cases where a natural condition or some other type of odd configuration interferes with the placement of a structure. Municipalities are usually more accommodating in approving such variances based on the presented evidence.

With use variances, more time is usually taken and others who may be affected by such changes, like neighbors, are taken into consideration before deciding whether or not to permit the property to be used in a different way than initially intended. For instance, if the owner of a single home wanted to split the house into a duplex, a use variance must be obtained.
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